Macmahon strives to be an active part of the communities in which it operates.

Through its environmental management systems across its operations, community sponsorship and the involvement of employees in local events, Macmahon is committed to enhancing and contributing to the regions in which it operates wherever possible.

Working cooperatively and building positive relationships with its stakeholders is an essential part of every Macmahon project.

The Company is committed to sustainable development and socially responsible behaviour and prides itself on working closely with local communities.

Macmahon in the community

Macmahon prides itself on building strong relationships with the communities in which it operates.

Macmahon provides sponsorship, in-kind support and assistance to community organisations and programs for selected initiatives that support strong and vibrant communities and reflect the Company's core values.

Varying types of support are offered to programs that best align with Macmahon's operations and values. The types of support that may be provided to community organisations may include:

  • Sponsorship for projects or programs that aim to meet a specific community need and align with one or more of Macmahon's values of safety, teamwork, prosperity, integrity and environment
  • Support for local sporting or community organisations in locations where Macmahon has operations
  • In-kind support for community organisations in locations where Macmahon has operations
  • Support for employees' community fundraising activities

How to apply for a sponsorship

The following organisations are eligible to apply for a Macmahon sponsorship:

  • Incorporated, not-for-profit organisations/institutions that are based in and/or deliver services in Macmahon communities or regions of interest
  • Not-for-profit educational institutions, such as universities, schools and TAFE colleges
  • Local government bodies
  • Community groups formed to achieve specific initiatives or projects

Macmahon encourages applicants to consider how their projects reflect the Company's core values of safety, teamwork, prosperity, integrity and environment.

Click here to dowload the Community Support Application Form to apply for a sponsorship.

For more information on applying for a Macmahon sponsorship, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.