Lauren Ruffo - Human Resources Graduate, Perth, WAC

Lauren Ruffo
Human Resources Graduate, Perth, WAC

Lauren Ruffo

Currently enrolled in the Engineers Australia Graduate Development Program, Lauren Ruffo, Human Resources Graduate, is propelling her career. Lauren joined Macmahon in December 2017 as a HR Intern and quickly impressed the team with her strong work ethic and willingness to learn. Her student status soon evolved to an Administration Coordinator position in the Underground Mining team where she learnt the foundations of the mining industry and visited her first mine site.

As one of Macmahon’s younger team members, Lauren has seized the opportunity to be mentored by the HR Superintendent, Victoria Bucknell. “The most valuable lesson I have learned from Victoria is to never be afraid to put yourself out there to try new things. To always be open for a challenge and the importance of building strong relationships. Most importantly, I have fun at work and really enjoy my job as no one day at work is ever the same,” said Lauren.

Since joining the team, Lauren has also had the opportunity to participate within Macmahon’s Mental Health Program, Strong Minds, Strong Mines where she completed her leadership training. This training has empowered Lauren to deliver ‘tool box’ talks and provided her with a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining mental health in the workplace, especially within a FIFO environment.

Lauren has fully immersed herself in the Macmahon work culture; “I have learnt to have integrity and to be passionate about the work I am producing, to never be afraid to ask questions, and to know that I have plenty of support from not only my team, but other parts of the business,” said Lauren.

Macmahon has provided an opportunity for Lauren to thrive in her new career in HR. Lauren was previously working in the education industry at a primary school where she utilised similar skills that she now brings to work every day at Macmahon. Lauren also enjoys the company of her fellow colleagues catching up with them outside of the workplace.

Lauren believes in taking all opportunities and making the most out of each and every one. “We have so many great resources here at Macmahon which will help me develop professionally,” Lauren said. It is therefore extremely clear why she has been so successful in such a short amount of time.

Although passionate about her position at Macmahon and her future career here, human resources is not Lauren’s only talent. Coming from a European background she is bilingual, speaking Italian as well as English. She also had the opportunity to study for a short time in Barcelona as a part of an exchange program.

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