Tim Brown – Senior Mining Engineer, WAC

Tim Brown
Senior Mining Engineer, WAC

Tim BrownTim Brown has held several positions in his five years with Macmahon. Originally undertaking vacation work and then officially commencing as a Graduate Mining Engineer. Tim has also worked in several engineering roles including drill and blast, mining and commercial analysis, projects, planning and currently he is a Senior Mining Engineer based in ther Perth WAC office.  Prior to moving to the Perth office earlier in 2018, Tim was working FIFO at the Telfer Copper and Gold Mine Site in the Great Sandy Desert in WA.

A far cry from the mining industry, Tim spent 10 years with Woolworths working in their fruit and vegetable department while studying to become an engineer.  Since joining Macmahon he has developed some great friendships with everyone banding together, “especially when the going gets tough,” said Tim.

As anyone who has ever worked at Telfer knows, there is never a dull day with the site providing a range of challenges which Tim simply viewed as opportunities. “I am continually developing my skill set with the Telfer site being the first to receive new technology including the PowerBI rollout which is a great tool for tracking performance, and the  introduction of the MaxMine system early in 2018 which tracks haul road condition and operator conformance to improve productivity and tyre life,” Tim said. 

Macmahon has supported Tim’s career path along the way by enabling him to undertake the Orica Advanced Drill & Blast course, dedicated hours on the Blast Crew at Tropicana and with financial assistance towards Tim’s course fees resulting in achieving his WA Quarry Managers ticket.

Thinking back, Tim never imagined he’d be where he is today at Macmahon. “Being in a senior role within just four years of any career is generally unlikely, but due to the help of a few well-intentioned mentors sharing their experience and my willingness to learn, this is exactly what I achieved,” he said.

“As a graduate I received great insight and in depth development which set me up for success.  Dave Scott at the Tropicana Gold Mine site shared a wealth of knowledge and I appreciated and learned from his approach to management,” said Tim.  “My transition into a senior role came more recently at Telfer where I have received constant support from guys including Tim Thomas, Technical Manager, who made the shift into this role with greater responsibilities so much smoother whilst providing an outlet to vent during some of the more challenging days,” said Tim. 

The ability to keep calm under pressure and focus on solving the problems at hand is one of the key tools that Tim has learnt since joining Macmahon.

Tim now lives in Mount Lawley in Perth, having relocated from the South Coast of NSW in 2017. When he worked FIFO at Telfer he was on a 5/2 and 4/3 roster which left him time for an occasional beer after work with his work mates and Skype catch ups during the week.  “Being home every weekend allowed me to see my friends and girlfriend regularly and I got every second Friday off which was a bonus. The FIFO life style also helped to fund some of my interests which include fishing, rock climbing, and American BBQs.”  These days Tim is working 5/2 but is often undertaking site visits across Macmahon's operations.

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