You are reading: Barry Davis
Project Manager, Warrawoona

Barry Davis
Project Manager, Warrawoona

In late 2021 we welcomed Project Manager Barry Davis AKA Baz to Northern Star’s Julius Gold Mine team. Barry is heading up the Warrawoona Gold Mine surface contract in early 2022.

Barry comes with a wealth of experience. His last job was at Matilda Gold Mine at Wiluna. Barry managed three pits with a distance of 40 km between them and approximately 120 personnel!

“My greatest achievement was achieving a zero TRIFR reading at the end of the project along with two months incident-free,” says Barry.

After five years at Matilda, Barry is up for his next adventure and is looking forward to a safe and productive start-up. But no matter how experienced you are at your job, every new role will come with challenges.

The biggest challenge I see at Warrawoona will be sourcing and retaining personnel. We’ll need to focus on upskilling operators and building a positive culture where people will want to come to work.”

Throughout his career, Barry considers the most important lesson he has learned is to always assess the risk before starting a task.

“Never become complacent; accidents and incidents do happen.”

Barry is a visionary type of leader who values achievement, empathy and success. He believes you should never become complacent and encourages self-development in his team.

Barry’s top tips for motivating a team?

“Set clear goals and encourage self-development.”

Barry knows some pretty motivating mantras too, believing that you can only fail when you stop trying.

It sounds like Barry is all work and no play, but that’s not the case! Barry loves a wild ride on his BETA 480 motorbike and holidaying to Hervey Bay in South East Queensland.

When Barry’s not on the open road, he loves coming home after a hard swing to his wife, Margaret, three children, two grandchildren and his rottweiler.