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Ben Edwards
Planner, Dawson South

Ben Edwards
Planner, Dawson South

Ben Edwards began his role as a Maintenance Planner at Dawson South from the beginning of Macmahon’s contract with the site in July 2021. Since then, he has been an asset to the team, and being nominated for the value of integrity is a testament to his work.

Ben is proud to have been at Dawson South from the beginning. It gave him scope to implement solid processes, and he loves seeing complex jobs come together, especially when they run smoothly. “I feel proud to reflect on where we are now,” says Ben.

That’s not to say Ben’s job is not without challenges.

Trying to coordinate diverse needs and resources can be like herding sheep.”

But Ben does it all with grace, and it’s no surprise his colleagues nominated him for our value of integrity. Ben leads by example and believes only talking about our values is not enough.

If we don’t live by our values, it doesn’t mean much. When you give your best, people know they can rely on you and on your work.”

When asked why he thinks he was nominated for our value of integrity, Ben says, “It’s difficult to talk about yourself! But I always try to do the right thing – even when no one is looking. I suppose it’s really about trying to act in the best interests of
the company and my colleagues.”

Ben lives on the Redcliffe Peninsula in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, a great spot for his family. He loves driving home, but when he gets home, “it’s chaos”, which we’re sure many parents can relate to.

My kids make me smile. I also work with a good bunch of people – it’s important to be able to laugh at work.”

We’re super grateful to have Ben on our team. Thank you for living your values (and ours) and leading by example.