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Brett Maney
Manager Underground Services

Brett Maney
Manager Underground Services

We recently celebrated 15 years of Brett Maney at Macmahon!

Brett has been a loyal and steady member of the mining services team since joining as a drilling specialist in 2006. This was when Macmahon had just formed our Specialised Underground Drilling and Ground Support Services business unit and was looking to grow with the help of a solid team. Brett was approached by Macmahon directly and was encouraged to apply. Impressed by the business model they proposed in his interview, Brett eagerly took on the role and never looked back!
Brett Maney Manager Underground Services on MacMahon Mining

Joining at a time when Macmahon owned and operated only three cabolt rigs and one production drill, Brett saw Macmahon grow exponentially. At one stage, Macmahon was the largest owner and operator in Australia of ground support rigs with production drills operating 15 drills across 8 different sites simultaneously.

The quick growth that we experienced accelerated the opportunities for promotion for myself to more senior management positions over the 15 years’ service.”

Now filling the role of Manager of Drilling and Underground Services, Brett is responsible for the production drilling, raise drilling and ground support works for his team. It’s his job to ensure that everything runs smoothly and meets Macmahon’s internal compliance with safety and financial measures. Brett is also responsible for ensuring that his clients are satisfied with his team’s performance.

Before joining Macmahon, Brett had already been in the mining game for over 20 years. As a third-generation miner, it was only natural that Brett would fall into this field. Kicking off his career as an operator in an underground coal mine in Tasmania in 1986, Brett moved to Kalgoorlie, where he thrived in his shaft sinking role. From there, Brett moved onto a variety of drill and blast roles, so when he joined Macmahon, he had plenty of knowledge and experience to share with his teammates.

Brett prides himself on his strong communication skills, which help him be a strong and motivating leader. He seeks advice before making decisions and pursues new ideas outside of his direct team when looking for creative solutions. Brett sees this as one of the benefits of working with a large contractor like Macmahon – there are always people with key skill levels across multiple parts of the business who have something to contribute.

“I’ve learned that whilst you should always treat others with respect no matter their role, you should never be afraid to raise your point of view when it comes to concerns with your own or others safety,” Brett says.

After 15 years at Macmahon and 35 years in the mining industry, it’s no surprise that Brett has seen plenty of change. Brett believes the industry is like any other supply and demand business. While there will be periods where there is more work than workers, as there is now, there will also be times where good projects can’t get the finance to get it off the ground.

The biggest challenge for Brett at the moment is working around travel restrictions. This has disrupted the practice of regular site visits, challenging Brett and his team to explore new ways to engage directly with employees and clients.

Outside of work, you can find Brett enjoying a cold beverage and a punt and planning his next holiday. Brett is looking forward to revisiting Hong Kong, where he enjoys the weekly horse racing events and the general buzz of the city. For a more relaxing getaway, Brett is eager to escape to Bali, where you’ll find him sipping on a Bintang and watching people from all over the world react to the local sales hustle.