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Collette Councillor – HSEQ Administrator

Collette Councillor – HSEQ Administrator

Collette Councillor is a proud Nungaja woman from Geraldton region of Yamitji and a determined changemaker at Macmahon.
MacMahon mining team - Collette Councillor

Collette Councillor is a proud Nungaja woman from Geraldton region of Yamitji and a determined changemaker at Macmahon. Collette went through our Indigenous trainee Dump Truck Operator (DTO) program in 2013, and after a few years of pursuing other things, she returned as a DTO at Telfer in 2018.

Returning from maternity leave, Collette is a dedicated Administrator in our HSEQ team working on safety planning and reporting. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the role, with multiple training programs under her belt, including Training & Assessing Cert IV and safety leadership.

Collette is also an Engagement Officer, supporting our Diversity and Inclusion Policy. She believes our focus on cultural awareness will help remove the stigma associated with people from different backgrounds.

Learning about intergenerational trauma associated with The Stolen Generation can help us see how our shared past continues to impact Indigenous people today.”

One of the changes Collette would like to implement is Welcome to Country ceremonies performed across Macmahon sites and important meetings. This cultural practice is a simple gesture that will help educate other Australians on Indigenous history and create a more inclusive work environment.

Mentorship is a priority for Collette and something she wants to build for the Indigenous team.   Collette is championing Indigenous engagement and is hopeful of gaining leader support for a dedicated Indigenous trainee program.  She also wants to act in a supporting role for all employees to bridge the gap for positive cultural outcomes.

My biggest challenge is supporting people through the adjustments of working away and providing Indigenous people in our business with the confidence to mentor new trainees.”

Collette is a single mother to her son Kaison and successfully juggles motherhood with full-time work with the support of daycare and family. She hopes Kaison grows up to be a non-judgemental person who respects individuality – and if he’s anything like his mum, we’re sure he will!

Collette is undoubtedly a strong, resilient and passionate woman who is making a difference at Macmahon and in the community surrounding her.