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Commercial Analyst, Tropicana

Davin Beukes
Commercial Analyst, Tropicana

Davin has worked for Macmahon since 2014 in various positions and areas within the business as an Analyst. Starting as a Business Analyst in the Plant Department and later transferring to the Finance division in the Perth Office. Since then, Davin has joined the crew at Tropicana, initially, as a Commercial Analyst and currently promoted to Senior Commercial Analyst.

Whilst, he does not have a direct mentor, Davin is currently enjoying training in a financial modelling software program XERAS. According to Davin this has been a great new challenge and he has learned that he can perform well under pressure.

Davin enjoys the team culture in his fast paced workday at Tropicana . “There is also a great team culture developed between Macmahon and our alliance partners, Anglo Gold, says Davin. “Everyone on site is friendly and supportive and it makes being away from family and friends a lot easier. I experience great personal satisfaction when the team does well.”

Davin balances work with being active and likes to partake in group sports onsite at Tropicana. “I try to play volleyball with the crew as much as possible, it’s a great way to meet people from other departments and stay active.” Also, during the work week Davin often runs from the site office back to camp “working on site means I can still stay active.”

Working a four days on and three days off roster means Davin can balance his work schedule with his hobbies. Back in Perth on his three rostered days off Davin enjoys his passion for surfing. “I love to surf, and take every opportunity to get out into the water. Working my roster gives me the chance to get out a few times a week and I can usually duck out for a surf on a Friday morning.” Another bonus of his roster is “my partner thinks it’s great that I can get all the housework done on Friday.”

Being active and sporty, Davin is a mad Sydney Swans AFL football fan. Also, he is an enthusiastic supporter of Arsenal in the English Premier League and he will often get up in the middle of the night to watch their games.

Although his original ambition as child was to be a pilot, Davin has found a rewarding career with Macmahon.