You are reading: Lathifah Hasna Lubis
Drill QC Helper, Indonesia

Lathifah Hasna Lubis
Drill QC Helper, Indonesia

After beginning her teaching career at a primary school, Lathifah Hasna Lubis experienced a radical job change when the prospect to work at Macmahon approached her. In February of 2016, Lathifah joined our team and is now a fully qualified Drill QC Helper. She has undergone extensive training within areas of hazard awareness, fatigue awareness, lightning awareness and SOP, and has since found herself thriving in her new environment.

As well as the career advancement opportunities at Macmahon, Lathifah enjoys the close knit work culture. “We all socialize and interact well through supporting each other,” she said. She also expressed how much she has learnt through each of her colleagues and drawn upon their knowledge to develop her own drilling skillset.

Lathifah lives off site and travels to work every day on her motorcycle. She displays an incredibly strong work ethic – working a 4 week on, 2 week off roster. Lathifah enjoys the challenges that the job has to offer, proof that there are undoubtedly significant roles for women in what is otherwise a male dominated industry.

When she is on her R&R, Lathifah relishes in spending quality time with her family who she is very close with.