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Richard Kerrison
Project Manager, Warrawoona

Richard Kerrison
Project Manager, Warrawoona

We have been lucky enough to welcome many new members to Macmahon. Our latest addition is Richard Kerrison. Richard has recently joined Mt Morgans as our Project Manager.

Richard’s family ran their own business in a small country town, and his father instilled the value of work, as well as humility, determination and respect. He will share these values with his team at Macmahon.

“My photo reminds me of where I came from. That people doing all types of work make a difference, and when you love what you do, nothing is an effort. Never forget where you come from,” says Richard.

Richard’s last project was a small iron ore mine based out of Wiluna, where he was the Registered and Operations Manager for the site.

“We built the mine from nothing. Emergency response plans had to be developed as well as all the standard documents and processes required to operate, including site first aid, emergency response team and clearing of bathrooms and office buildings.”

Richard is excited to meet his team. He loves learning from other people and inspiring each other. Richard’s leadership style is open, collaborative and inclusive.

“I want to meet everyone in the team and outline my vision for the site and get going! I believe everyone wants to make a contribution and my job is to help the team be the best they can be,” says Richard.

“I want to be available and present when speaking with people. Being willing to help with a job if need be and obviously understanding our objectives – not only challenging the team to exceed them but showing different and easier ways to get the job done.”

Richard loves the Tommy Hafey saying, “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me”.

“I know I’m a product of my priorities so for me, it’s making sure I don’t take too much on that ends up becoming detrimental to me, my family and my job,” says Richard.

Richard likes to keep fit both physically and mentally. He believes if you get that right you can get on with living.

Another cool thing to know about Richard? He loves Australian bush poetry, and in the right company, he has been known to let it rip! He can also shear a sheep (slowly).

Richard and his wife Georgina travel extensively. His favourite places are split between Zermatt in Switzerland, and anywhere in Italy and the USA.

“I also love getting home to the Monaro region of NSW to my Family Farm. That is a very special place for me. When I’m home on the farm there is not too much to worry about,” says Richard.

Welcome, Richard!