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Mining Manager, King of the Hills

Tim Brown
Mining Manager, King of the Hills

Tim Brown started his career as a Graduate Mining Engineer at Macmahon before moving onto several engineering roles, including drill and blast, mining and commercial analysis, and projects and planning. Tim moved up the Macmahon ranks fast!

Before his most recent role change, Tim worked as a Lead Estimator, where he developed tenders, assisted with feasibility studies, optimisation, variations, and provided technical support. Today, he has a new role in a new location, Mining Manager at King of the Hills.  The new position offers challenges to conquer, including settling back into FIFO life.

FIFO is definitely an adjustment after a few years of Monday-Friday work. It was a big consideration when tossing up whether to put my hand up for the role, but I’m excited to start up a project after being involved in the early tender stage.”

“I’m getting used to delegating tasks again rather than doing it all myself. In estimating, it was a small team working autonomously instead of the site environment with a large team specialising in different areas,” says Tim.

Macmahon has supported Tim’s career path over the years. He undertook the Orica Advanced Drill & Blast course, spent dedicated hours on the Blast Crew at Tropicana, and has undertaken various supervision and leadership courses.

Tim has also been mentored along the way and knows he wouldn’t be where he is today without the support. He has learned to keep calm under pressure and focus on solving the problems at hand.

“Being in a senior role within just four years of my career is generally unlikely, but due to the help of a few well-intentioned mentors sharing their experience and my willingness to learn, that is what I achieved,” he said.

Tim looks forward to future career growth and thinks he will either go down the project management route or back into the technology space.

Tim currently lives in Carlisle with his girlfriend. They will soon be moving into her place and renovating. Tim also likes to spend time brewing his own beer, cooking, playing volleyball and hiking.