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Wayne Taylor

Wayne Taylor

Wayne’s Macmahon journey began back in April 2020, when he joined the Macmahon/TMM team as a Storeman, processing and distributing the freight for the TMM sites and looking after the major components for Macmahon’s Byerwen, Foxleigh and Dawson South sites.

Wayne has since risen through the ranks, having been promoted to Supervisor in April 2022 at Lycullin in Queensland. Wayne’s job now involves looking after the Lycullin Facility as well as support to the other Macmahon sites

As a Supervisor, Wayne is often called upon to be a problem solver. A team player through and through, Wayne feels his job is the most rewarding when he can empower his colleagues to work together to achieve exceptional outcomes.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small or large problem, during business hours or after hours, if I can assist with it and achieve a positive outcome, I find that very rewarding.”

Wayne feels Macmahon is an inclusive and supportive environment. He especially feels this when meeting visitors at Lycullin. He finds these visitors know who he is and what his role entails, which makes Wayne feel united with his team and the wider community.

One of the most challenging parts of Wayne’s role is working to meet strict deadlines. When mobile plant arrives at Lycullin for reassembly, Wayne can be hit with a hard deadline to get the equipment on-site as soon as possible to avoid production delays.

But Wayne continuously puts our United value into action, bringing his team together to pull out all the stops to meet the deadline. Seeing the end result roll out of the workshop on time never fails to make Wayne smile.

It’s so great knowing that all the guys on site have put in a joint effort to achieve the result,” Wayne says. “This is why I enjoy coming back to work at Lycullin.”

When a project wraps up, Wayne looks forward to having a bit of quiet time with his team to clean up and get ready for the next challenge!

We’re proud of our team at Macmahon and we feel lucky to have people like Wayne to help create a united and inclusive culture.