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Zac Lewis
Graduate Mining Engineer, Peak Downs

Zac Lewis
Graduate Mining Engineer, Peak Downs

Zac Lewis is excited to continue to grow and evolve in the world of civil engineering through Macmahon's graduate program.
Macmahon Graduate Mining Engineer, Peak Downs

Zac’s passion for the design, construction and management stages of the infrastructure industry was piqued in his final high school years. Given the opportunity to try his hand at a few engineering projects, Zac found his interest grew while generating theoretical solutions and testing them to success.

After completing his studies in 2020 with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) majoring in construction, Zac eagerly applied for Macmahon’s graduate program. Initially motivated by the program’s clearly defined structure, the shared values and dedication to efficiently but safely achieve success held by both Zac and Macmahon drove him to set his sights on a career at Macmahon.

A keen team player, Zac entered his role as a Graduate Engineer at Macmahon, eager to develop his skills and learn how to achieve more in a group environment.

Zac explains, “The program also focuses on challenging each graduate in their own individual ways with relevant content including project management and communication to assist in developing and growing their people to shape the future of the company.”

Through Macmahon’s investment in the personal development of every graduate, Zac has appreciated the support and assistance of his mentors, notably Manager – Project Support, Carl Turner.

“My favourite part of the program so far is being able to open up to my mentors and set goals which are regularly reviewed to ensure that I am on track to achieve what I would like in the future,” Zac said.

While joining a large company straight out of university can be daunting, Carl helped Zac to find his feet, granting him opportunities to discover more about the business, industry and where his unique skills lie.

As an aspiring Project Engineer, Zac’s team of mentors have ensured he is never short of opportunities to develop his skills in this area. From conducting regular meetings with clients to providing claims, forecasts, quality management and construction methodologies, Zac has eagerly taken on these opportunities to flex his project management muscles. He is on track to one day take control of a civil project himself.

“My aspirations for the future are to manage a civil project and work together with a team successfully to meet a budget both safely and in a time-efficient manner and to continue to impress our existing as well as new potential future clients,” Zac said.

Outside of the world of civil services, you’ll find Zac in the great outdoors, going to the beach or camping with friends to keep up a balanced lifestyle. With such a strong passion for the industry and willingness to learn, Zac is definitely in a position to succeed at Macmahon and become a solid member of the civil project team.