Environment and Social Performance Initiatives

1. Diversity and inclusion

Covering women, indigenous people, minority groups etc. to increase workforce participation with appropriate programs

2. Community partnerships

How Macmahon works with clients, suppliers on community partnerships and how to report on community programs and partnerships

3. Indigenous engagement

An action plan to outline key strategies, programs and initiatives

4. Climate change

Establishing appropriate climate change and environment initiatives and metrics

5. Employee engagement on Sustainability

Employee awareness raising through Environmental and Social initiatives and a calendar of events
Macmahon Biodiversity
Working Group

Environment and Social Performance Working Group

The Working Group has responsibility for overseeing sustainability for the overall Macmahon business.

However, it does not replace or replicate established company management responsibilities and delegations, the responsibilities of other executive management groups or subject matter experts within Macmahon.

The Working Group recommends to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and Board key policies and strategies in relation to the Working Group focus areas.