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Making your Christmas a sustainable one

In the lead up to Christmas, Macmahon’s Sustainability Specialist, Marie-Louise ter Beek took the opportunity to support #OneSecond, pledging at least one second hand item for Christmas and encouraged friends, co-workers and family to commit too.

This year, the World’s Biggest Garage Sale is asking Australia to take #onesecond to think about their purchasing habits for the holidays. Imagine the impact if every Australian committed to purchasing at least one of their gifts second hand, and even more, if they knew their loved ones would be equally enthusiastic to receive these gifts.

2020 has been an incredibly transformative, challenging year for the world and offers us the chance to give pause and evaluate habits that may no longer serve our society in favour of building a fairer and more sustainable future for all.

For ideas on repurposed, renewed, vintage or recycled presents visit World’s Biggest Garage Sale