Materiality Topics


Corporate governance
We are committed to ensuring that our obligations and responsibilities to various stakeholders are fulfilled through appropriate corporate governance practices.

Business ethics and transparency
Ethical business practices and transparency underpin our business. Integrity is one of our core values and we expect all employees to act lawfully, ethically and responsibly.

Risk management
We implement systems and processes to identify, assess and manage risks that have the potential to materially impact our operations, people, reputation, and financial results. [Note: material risks are reported in Macmahon’s Annual Report]


Financial and operating performance
We are committed to creating a sustainable business with a strong focus on operational and financial efficiency. Our vision is to be a premium provider of contract mining services, delivering consistent returns and stable employment. [Note: this is reported in Macmahon’s operating and financial review and financial statements in the Annual Report]


Climate change
We seek continual improvements in our energy mix and in energy efficiency across our business to reduce the carbon intensity of our operations and minimise the impact on the environment.

Land rehabilitation
We complete earthworks and revegetation on land disturbed by mining activities to ensure it is compliant, stable, safe and suitable for post-closure use.

Water management
We sustainably manage water resources and reduce impacts on water quality associated with our mining operations.

Waste management
We minimise waste and are committed to ensuring that all waste materials are disposed of in an approved and environmentally responsible manner. Waste management covers reduction, reuse and recycling and hazardous waste management.

Environmental incidents, impacts and compliance
We implement environmental management strategies and plans to ensure compliance with all legal requirements regarding important issues, such as biodiversity, waste, hazardous substances, water, noise and cultural heritage management.


Safety is one of our core values and improving our safety performance across all operations remains a priority. We lead by example and promote a “zero-harm culture” through robust safety systems, policies and processes.

Health and wellbeing
The health and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and stakeholders is of primary importance and integral to the way we work. Our aim is to provide an environment free of injury and physical and mental illness.

Workforce management
Attracting, developing and retaining a skilled workforce is central to our business. We provide flexible working conditions, leave and allowances to support overall wellbeing and a positive work-life balance for our people.

Diversity and inclusion
We aim to create an open and inclusive workplace environment where diverse experiences, perspectives and backgrounds of our people are valued and utilised.

Human rights and modern slavery
We respect internationally recognised human rights principles. We recognise we have a role to play in eliminating modern slavery in our operations and supply chains.

Community partnerships and investment
We treat our host communities with respect and are sensitive to the impacts of our mining operations on local communities. We partner and invest in local communities to deliver tangible and ongoing benefits.

Indigenous engagement
Our approach to Indigenous engagement is characterised by effective two-way communication, consultation and partnering. We have a commitment to train and employ Indigenous people in our mining operations.