Governance Strategy

How we protect our people and values

Human Rights

Macmahon respects internationally recognised human rights principles. We support the overarching proposition that all businesses have a role to play in eliminating modern slavery in our operations and supply chains. Human Rights

Modern Slavery Statement

We have undertaken due diligence activities to identify, address, mitigate and prevent human rights and modern slavery impacts. We are committed to working in collaboration with our employees, suppliers and all other relevant stakeholders to tackle this issue. Modern Slavery Statement

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Macmahon’s approach to bribery and corruption is supported by our Whistleblower Policy. We have a number of channels for making a report, including a whistleblower hotline for employees to call if they feel unable to raise actual or suspected unlawful, unethical or irresponsible behaviour. Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Environment Social Performance

Macmahon has formed an Environment and Social Performance (ESP) working group. Its role is to create structure around Diversity and Inclusion, Community Partnerships, Indigenous Engagement, Climate Change and Employee Engagement on Sustainability. Environment Social Performance

HSEQ Systems

The Macmahon HSEQ Management System is designed on the principles of continual improvement and adopts the methodology of Plan, Do, Check and Act. HSEQ Systems