Our Approach

We aim to build strong relationships with communities based on trust as well as open and honest engagement and aim to partner with trusted local authorities.

Our goal is to create meaningful improvements in the quality of life for the communities, which in turn generates business value for the Company in the form of broad community support, reputational benefits, risk reduction and productivity gains.
Although community relations priorities will differ depending on the country in which Macmahon operates, and perhaps even the specific region within that country, some of the top priorities for host communities that have been identified include job creation and local economic development, which includes local procurement, education and health.
Macmahon focuses on retaining their graduates and this has been demonstrated in the training opportunities I have been afforded thus far. There are countless opportunities for me to add value and improve how I contribute to the business.
Macmahon Janice Pandian Graduate Mining Engineer
Janice Pandian
Graduate Mining Engineer
Our Environmental Initiatives

Changing the way we work

Climate Change Position

We acknowledge climate change is real and poses a threat to our environment. Macmahon seeks continual improvements in energy efficiency and works to cover a range of commodities that are important for both traditional and renewable energy production.
Climate Change Position


Whether operating as the Principal Contractor, or working within our Client’s Environmental Management Systems, we ensure that environmental management plans are implemented for our projects and that they address specific flora and fauna management issues.