Climate change is a threat to the environment

While the use of coal for energy production releases greenhouse gases that impact on the rate of climate change, the world’s energy needs mean that coal will continue to play a role for many decades to come, even as renewables grow in importance
We have a responsibility to mine commodities for our clients as efficiently as possible, complying with all regulatory requirements, to reduce the environmental impact of this activity
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Climate Change Position Statement

Our Initiatives

We will:

  • Seek continual improvements in energy efficiency across our business to reduce the carbon intensity of our operations and minimise the impact on the environment; and
  • Seek to work across a range of commodities that are important for both traditional and renewable energy production, in line with coal’s ongoing role in the world’s energy mix and our objective of having a diversified business.
This bee colony will go into a built hive that I have ready to go, and I have some native structures underway for future anticipated captures that I hope to rehome in bushland in a location I know will be a good start for them.
Damian Wallace - Macmahon
Damian Wallace
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