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Neil Hawkins
Facilities Manager

Neil Hawkins
Facilities Manager

Our much-loved Facilities Manager Neil Hawkins celebrates 15 years at Macmahon this year!
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Neil had just moved from the UK when he applied for the facilities position in 2007.

Macmahon was planning four fit-outs at the time, and Neil’s background in carpentry (he’s a carpenter by trade) made him the best person for the job.

Neil is a jack of all trades, which is perfect because every day brings something different to Macmahon. Neil does everything from office fit-outs to general office and workshop maintenance.

Things are constantly changing at Macmahon, and Neil has been instrumental in those changes. He has built dozens of offices, hundreds of workstations, a boardroom, a gym, and toilets and showers. One of his milestones is the WAC Facility, which he has helped transform over the years.

I have seen the company grow and consolidate a few times. It’s good to see we’re on the up.”

Neil loves his job because he gets to chat with everyone. The office staff would know Neil well and knows he takes pride in keeping the facilities in top-notch condition.

I love the people here, and everyone makes working here a pleasure – a paid pleasure, I might add.”

The challenge in facilities is keeping everyone happy. An example of this is air-conditioning.

“It happens all the time. Someone who is freezing will be sitting next to someone who is almost stripped down to their undies,” says Neil.

Neil remembers some significant events over the last 15 years, including when CIMIC was trying to buy Macmahon.

“I really believed it was over, but as we all know, since then, we have gone from strength to strength,” says Neil.

One of Neil’s fondest memories is with receptionist, Maggie McGillvray. A small interaction still makes Neil laugh. They were working hard to pack up the Sydney office, and Maggie was extremely tired.

“Maggie was just about dead on her feet on the last day, and I suggested we get up early and smash it out so we could do some sightseeing. She gave me a look that could kill – those of you who know Maggie will be familiar with that look,” says Neil.

Aside from his job, Neil loves travelling. He’s even known as “captain vacation” amongst his friends.

There is so much to see; if I had the money, I would travel and see even more!’