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Meghan Williams
Group Manager, Technology & Innovation

Meghan Williams
Group Manager, Technology & Innovation

Meghan Williams has worked at Macmahon since 2004, building her IT career every step of the way. Starting as Helpdesk Officer, moving up to Manager for Business Systems, Meghan is now Group Manager for Technology & Innovation.

As Group Manager, Meghan manages the delivery of technology to the entire organisation, including data, communication and application to all Macmahon employees. In addition, she maintains cohesivity to ensure the strategic direction stays on track.

I’m always challenged at Macmahon. I am constantly learning more of the challenges our sites and departments face and work with available technologies to alleviate them.”

As part of her career development, Meghan was fortunate to be selected for Macmahon’s graduate program, which opened her eyes to broader operational perspectives. Macmahon supported Meghan to complete her MBA and furthered her study in an emerging leader program and leadership training in 2021.

Mentors have played an integral role in Meghan’s career, especially women in leadership roles.

“Working in a male-dominated profession (IT) can be daunting at times. However, we’re lucky to have many talented women in the organisation. They have motivated me to become the person I am today.”

Working in IT for a mining company allows considerable scope for travel. “I’ve seen some truly amazing places like beautiful landscapes driving to Waihi, Renison and Eaglefield, and wonderful introductions to cultures in Indonesia and Mongolia,” says Meghan.

Meghan fell in love across the cubicle divide, marrying a fellow IT Manager! She and her husband Chris have three beautiful children. Meghan works four days a week to balance home life with work commitments. So how does she go with that balance?

“It requires communication and asking for help when needed. I’m grateful to be given this opportunity whilst continuing to work four days a week, which makes a huge difference to our family,” says Meghan.

Meghan is passionate about shoes. There was even a reference in her wedding vows – her husband is never allowed to complain when she buys a new pair for her collection.

Does Meghan have any advice for women with families who want to step into an executive role?

If the opportunity presents, take it. There’s never a perfect time to take the step, and waiting for one may mean you will miss the opportunity. On the other hand, if you’ve got this far, you probably have the support and skills behind you to make it work!”

Great advice!