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Mike Azzaro
Trade Development Superintendent

Mike Azzaro
Trade Development Superintendent

We’re proud to celebrate 25 Years of Service from our Trade Development Superintendent, Mike Azzaro.

Throughout this time, Mike has been given opportunities and training in different roles to develop his skills to where he is today.

Mike joined Macmahon as a Light Vehicle Mechanic at the Kurnell Road workshop in 1998 before moving to work on mining equipment in Eneabba. After a stint as a Leading Hand Mechanic at the Carosue Dam/Safari Bore workshop, he returned to Perth to work as a Leading Hand in the All Plant rebuild department.

Mike then transferred to the Component Section, where he specialised in Transmission, before becoming the Perth Workshop’s Safety Rep and, later, the Safety Advisor. But he didn’t stop there – Mike later advanced to become the Perth Workshop’s Apprentice Master, responsible for building the cohort to over 100 apprentices nationally.

Mike now holds the role of Trade Development Superintendent, and the Macmahon team couldn’t be happier to have him.

In his current role, Mike schedules the apprentice recruitment campaigns so the next generation of trades are ready to support the needs of the business. He ensures the appropriate training is provided to our apprentices so they become valued members of the Macmahon team and the industry as a whole. Within his role, he also provides opportunities for his team members to share their knowledge with the wider Macmahon team through Success Factors self-paced training sessions, online presentations and traditional face-to-face training.

In his 25 years at Macmahon, Mike has seen the selection of apprentices develop to the strong standard we see today.

We’re now getting industry referrals as Macmahon has a reputation for providing a high standard of training and a company that looks after its apprentices.”

But this recognition is not for me or the Trade Development Team; it’s for the whole company. Without the support of our sites, there is no Apprentice program.”

Mike has also seen the training team evolve in his time at Macmahon, particularly in recent years. It’s grown to include specific leaders for each department, so they have the freedom to concentrate on their team’s needs.

The Trade Development team now provides training for apprentices and those already working in a trade, from fundamental knowledge system training to more complex machine-specific. When sites have technical or manning issues they can’t solve, the Trade Development team is available to assist.

Selecting the next cohort of apprentices, getting them to site on time, ensuring they receive the right training, supporting their needs as employees, and balancing the budget are some of the significant challenges Mike faces in his role. But he is motivated by the sense of satisfaction he feels when he sees the apprentices graduate.

Mike’s leadership style is based on compassion; he always makes sure he is there to support his team when they are having a tough time. To motivate the apprentices, he tries to inspire them to be the best version of themselves and to continue to strive for excellence.

Wear the Macmahon uniform with pride. Pride in yourself shows pride in your work.”

Outside of work, Mike is the proud father of two girls. He’s been married for 17 years, and his family couldn’t be more proud of all he’s achieved. He can’t wait to one day travel around Italy with his wife and continue to explore the beautiful South West of Australia.

Mike Azzaro’s 25 years of service to Macmahon is a testament to his commitment to the company’s values and goals, and his contributions have helped shape the future of the apprenticeship program and training at Macmahon. Congratulations, Mike, on achieving such an impressive milestone!