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Shane Osbrough
Celebrates 15 Years’ Service

Shane Osbrough
Celebrates 15 Years’ Service

Shane Osbrough’s remarkable journey with Macmahon is a testament to dedication, skill, and continuous growth. Reaching a 15-year milestone, Shane’s story is one of perseverance and passion for his craft.

“My journey began in 2008 with Windsor Earthmoving Contractors, just a week after my 16th birthday. Ian Windsor gave me a chance, and I couldn’t thank him enough. I couldn’t even drive a car legally, yet there I was, operating a 651 or a twin-powered 657 scraper and occasionally getting a go on the D11R. That opportunity was life-changing.”

A few years in, TMM purchased Windsor Earthmoving, and eventually, Macmahon took over TMM. Over the years, I’ve worn many hats – seven years as a multi-skilled plant operator, three years as an assistant shot firer at Peak Downs, and now, I’m in my sixth year as a serviceman in maintenance.”

“I’ve worked on numerous sites, including Moorvale, Coppabella, South Walker Creek, Baralaba, Lake Vermont, Saraji, Peak Downs, Norwich Park, Gregory Mine, Poitrel, and Foxleigh Mine. Among all these, my favourite was Peak Downs, especially being part of the blast crew. It was a fantastic experience, and I loved every moment.”
Over the 15 years, Shane has accumulated quite the list of qualifications and competencies, including:
•Cert 3 in Civil Construction
•Assistant Shot Fire Ticket
•Grader (140h up to 16m)
•Dozer (D6, D9, D10, D11)
•Scraper (633, 637, 651, 657)
•Compactors and Drum Rollers
•A mixture of Cat and Komatsu Haul Trucks
•992 Loaders
•Cat Water Trucks
•Cat Service Trucks

Reflecting on his career, Shane said, “The best part of my job has been the incredible people I’ve met and the skills I’ve acquired over the years. The job itself isn’t overly challenging once you get into a routine. Refuelling certain diggers at specific times, coordinating with breaks, and planning your circuits around these tasks – it all becomes second nature.”

Shane has seen many changes in the industry over the past 15 years. “The most significant change over the years has been the machinery. When it was TMM, we primarily had fleets of scrapers, including twin-powered, push/pull 657s, 651s getting pushed with a dozer, and a few 633 elevator scrapers. Now, we’ve evolved to having large trucks and digger fleets rolling around.”

My journey with Macmahon has been filled with learning, growth, and unforgettable experiences. I’m excited to continue this path, meeting new challenges and growing further with the company.”

Shane Osbrough’s 15-year journey with Macmahon is a beacon of opportunity and growth within the company. His story inspires others to seize every chance, make the most of their journey, and continually strive for excellence.