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Amanda Parnell, Maintenance Planner Foxleigh

Amanda Parnell, Maintenance Planner Foxleigh

Amanda Parnell's journey with Macmahon is undeniably inspiring. Progressing from a site administration role to a maintenance planner, her path showcases dedication, adaptability, and the importance of seizing opportunities.

Before joining Macmahon, Amanda spent a decade at Lucas Drilling in Brisbane, where she held various positions, including Fleet Coordinator, Maintenance & Compliance Coordinator, Travel Coordinator, and Operations Support. In 2021, she moved back to the Whitsundays and spent over a year working in the Fleet department of the local Council.

In January 2023, Amanda joined Macmahon. “I was drawn to the site admin job by the chance to re-enter the mining industry and gain hands-on mine site experience,” she says, noting the appealing 7/7 roster as another factor in her decision.

Her promotion came when she began learning the planning role to assist whenever possible. When the previous planner moved on, the Project Manager offered her the position, which she eagerly accepted. “I love my job,” Amanda shares. “The people and the support, banter, and laughs they provide on a daily basis make it all worthwhile.”

Learning new parts terminology for machinery without a mechanical background has been a challenge for Amanda, but her colleagues have been very accommodating and always willing to explain. Her role is crucial in ensuring the right resources are available to keep equipment running smoothly, thereby supporting Macmahon’s operations effectively.

Although Amanda hasn’t had formal development, the on-the-job training and support from supervisors, leading hands, and fitters have been invaluable. She has become proficient in two maintenance programs: SAP for Macmahon-owned equipment and PULSE for Foxleigh-owned equipment.

Amanda has honed her skills in building achievable weekly plans for workshop crews. “A typical day for me involves raising and closing work orders, ordering parts, creating and amending weekly workshop plans, and booking external labour as needed,” she explains. Managing a diverse fleet of equipment and ensuring everything is serviced regularly is key to meeting Equipment Availability KPIs.

Having been in her current role for about seven months, Amanda is thoroughly enjoying the learning process and hasn’t thought much about moving to a new role just yet. She encourages anyone considering joining the maintenance department at Macmahon at Foxleigh to give it a go.

At Foxleigh, we may not be a state-of-the-art workshop like some sites, but we make the most of what we have and, for the most part, have a good time while getting the work done,” she says.

Outside of work, Amanda has a passion for travel and looks forward to visiting the remaining continents on her world map. Her journey is a testament to the opportunities for growth and development within Macmahon. Amanda Parnell’s story is a beacon for anyone looking to advance their career in the mining industry.