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Operator, Martabe

Eva Gusnir
Operator, Martabe

Eva Gusnir joined Macmahon as a Trainee Operator in 2017 and is proud of her ability to work on a mine site, in what is predominantly a male dominated industry, in Indonesia.

According to Eva, the best part of her job is when a new work area or loading point is opened.

“I enjoy the challenge and opportunity to improve my skills when there are new and different conditions. We often learn new work practices and procedures when working in new areas which helps to broaden my abilities as an Operator,” said Eva.

Eva Gusnir was born in Sipenggeng in Indonesia and is the fourth among her five siblings. She is married and has two children with all members of her family very proud and supportive of her choosing a career in mining.

Given the lack of women in mining in Indonesia, Eva wants to encourage other women to consider the industry when they are looking for employment opportunities.

“If you are looking to work in a fun environment, I would recommend mining and in particular Macmahon. Women who are confident, willing to learn and have a ‘can-do’ attitude would do well in this industry and I would encourage them to consider mining as an option available to them. It’s no longer a job just for men.”