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Specialist Labour Support, Perth

Brad Morrison
Specialist Labour Support, Perth

Macmahon has an extensive plant and maintenance division that proudly supports our global operations. This area of our workforce includes HD mechanics, auto electricians and boilermakers who work hard to ensure that our fleet keeps running at optimum levels.

To attract new people to the business, we appreciate that providing employment options is key to recruit and retain skilled tradespeople, therefore we are excited to launch a new labour support division. To ensure this division is a success, Macmahon looked internally for a highly experienced person with the drive and temperament to thrive in the role of Specialist – Labour Support. Brad Morrison, was the obvious choice.

Brad started his career some 15 years ago as an Apprentice HD Mechanic with Macmahon and has significant experience in heavy rebuilds and components along with ~10 years field service. Brad’s now enjoying the challenge of coming off the tools to learn the ropes in an office environment with the various processes and systems involved in recruiting and looking after our people.

During his time with Macmahon, Brad has undertaken a variety of high risk work licence training including forklift, crane, EWP, dogging and rigging plus various Caterpillar machine courses which positions him well for his new role. He credits many people that have helped him in his career along the way and singles out Supervisor, Geoff Hunter. “Geoff was my first supervisor and my recent supervisor up until I started this new role. He has helped me to get to where I am today and I’m sure he will continue to offer ongoing support.”

“I’ve been in the industry, and with Macmahon, long enough to be efficient and understand what is required for the company to achieve the best outcome from the new labour division. I’m laser focussed on my goals to source and look after the best people for the jobs available,” said Brad.

Brad is excited about his new role and the new labour support division. “I think this has been a long time coming and it’s going to be a major step forward in supporting our many sites. I am hoping to build a strong team and work closely with them so we can be the best in the business.”