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Case Study:
Fimiston Civil

Case Study:
Fimiston Civil

Macmahon Mining Support Services Division takes pride in its recent project, the construction of the extension to the Tailings Storage Facility II (TSF) for the Fimiston Project. This case study delves into the details of this project located in Western Australia and highlights the successful near completion of the TSF extension, underscoring Macmahon’s commitment to excellence in mining support services.
Case Study: Fimiston Civil

Project Overview

The Fimiston Project, situated 10km east of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia, required an extension to its Tailings Storage Facility II (TSF) to accommodate the ongoing mining operations. Macmahon undertook the construction and commissioning of the TSF extension, focusing on the development of E and F paddocks to enhance the facility’s capacity. The primary objective was to facilitate the extension to the life-of-mine while ensuring operational continuity for our client, KCGM.

Scope of Work

The construction phase involved extensive land clearing spanning approximately 350 hectares to prepare the site for the TSF extension. Additionally, Macmahon installed 38km of piping infrastructure to facilitate efficient draining and dewatering processes within the facility. A workforce of 100 skilled professionals was engaged to execute the project, supported by the operation of 60 pieces of plant equipment, ensuring seamless progress throughout the construction phase.

Project Deliverables

Upon completion, both E and F paddocks of the TSF extension were ready to receive tailings deposits, providing KCGM with an additional capacity of 10 million tonnes. This crucial expansion ensures the continuity of mining operations and enables the processing plant to sustain operations for approximately 12-24 months without interruption.

Safety Performance

One of the most notable achievements of the project is the exemplary safety record maintained throughout the construction phase. Macmahon is proud to report zero significant safety incidents, underscoring its unwavering commitment to prioritising the wellbeing of its workforce and adhering to stringent safety protocols.


The successful construction and commissioning of the TSF extension for the Fimiston Project exemplify Macmahon Mining Support Services Division’s dedication to delivering high-quality solutions in the mining sector. By expanding the facility’s capacity and ensuring operational continuity, Macmahon has not only met the client’s requirements but has also demonstrated its expertise in executing complex mining infrastructure projects safely and efficiently.

This case study serves as a testament to Macmahon’s capabilities and commitment to excellence, further solidifying its position as a trusted partner in the mining industry.