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Chikumbi Mwenda
HD Mechanic

Chikumbi Mwenda
HD Mechanic

When it comes to talent and diversity, Macmahon knows no bounds. Meet Chikumbi Mwenda, a mechanic from Zambia who has found his place in the Australian mining industry thanks to Macmahon's sponsorship and support. Chikumbi started his journey at the Byerwen Mine in Queensland and has now found his groove at the Foxleigh mine working as a Mechanic - Shovel and Excavator.
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Before joining Macmahon in December 2019, Chikumbi had multiple job offers from international recruiters, but Macmahon was the clear stand out. The interview process blew him away with its comprehensive approach, including written tests, practical tasks and face-to-face interviews. It showed him that Macmahon values brilliance and is committed to selecting the best candidates. Additionally, Macmahon’s commitment to supporting employee families resonated with him.

The potential for career progression opportunities from Macmahon was also key. Chikumbi knew he didn’t want to limit himself, and Macmahon provided the perfect platform for growth. Plus, the chance to work with a variety of mobile plant equipment across different sites sealed the deal for him.

Macmahon has many sites and roles available that can provide avenues for employees looking to progress their career. This was the biggest motivating factor for me as I don’t like limiting myself.”

Before Macmahon, Chikumbi spent years specialising in Liebherr excavators at one of the world’s biggest copper mining companies. However, joining Macmahon opened doors to a whole new world of machinery. He eagerly embraced the opportunity to work with different brands and models, making his work exciting and dynamic. Chikumbi particularly enjoys fault diagnosis, where he gets to put his thinking cap on to find innovative solutions. It’s a whole different ball game from component change out, as it demands problem-solving skills.

In his current role as a Mechanic – Shovel and Excavator, Chikumbi’s skills and expertise shine. He is responsible for carrying out services, component change-outs and breakdown repairs on a variety of excavators. His extensive knowledge extends to operating and maintaining machines critical to the smooth operations at the mine site, including the Liebherr 9400, Liebherr 996, Hitachi 3600, and Cat 6060.

During his time at Macmahon, Chikumbi has witnessed some notable changes. The size of the fleet on the sites he has worked on has increased significantly, a clear sign of Macmahon’s expansion and the creation of more job opportunities. He has also observed a greater emphasis on promoting unity among crews and across sites, as he believes fostering a positive work environment is crucial.

Happiness contributes to the productivity of the workforce. Like one of my former managers used to say, a happy worker is a productive worker.”

Chikumbi values leaders who trust him, as it motivates him to go the extra mile and perform to the best of his ability. A supportive leader can make all the difference, and Chikumbi is grateful for the East Coast Manager and other leaders at Macmahon who have been there for him every step of the way.

Chikumbi wholeheartedly encourages any experienced professional to join Macmahon. He believes that Macmahon’s continuous growth demonstrates job security and opens up exciting career progression opportunities.

Chikumbi has his sights set on becoming a Mechanical Reliability Engineer, and he’s taking the necessary steps to make it happen. Pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree at Central Queensland University is part of his plan to reach his professional goals. With his determination and passion for learning, Chikumbi’s future at Macmahon looks incredibly promising.

Chikumbi is grateful for the opportunity to live and work in Australia, and he’s seizing every moment. From day one, he fit right into the team and embraced the Australian work culture with open arms. What makes his story even more special is that his brother, also sponsored by Macmahon, is working alongside him at the Foxleigh mine.

When Chikumbi isn’t at Foxleigh, you’ll find him on the soccer field. As a member of the Mackay City Brothers soccer team, he loves the opportunity to play matches during his weekends off. And when he’s looking to unwind, Chikumbi enjoys watching documentaries, expanding his knowledge outside the world of heavy machinery.

Chikumbi’s passion for fault diagnosis, love for teamwork, and commitment to continuous learning perfectly align with Macmahon’s values. With his aspirations to become a mechanical reliability engineer and his dedication to personal development, we know Chikumbi is destined for great things at Macmahon!