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Aditya Wardhana
Senior Mining Estimator

Aditya Wardhana
Senior Mining Estimator

Aditya's adventure with Macmahon began in 2016 after the company re-established its operations in Indonesia, winning the Martabe contract. For five years, he served as a versatile Mining Engineer-Estimator, engaging in various tendering works. Aditya played an integral role in three different startup projects: Tujuh Bukit, Batu Hijau, and Alhasanie.

Aditya believes that Macmahon has been instrumental in advancing his career, particularly in supporting his dream of relocating his family to Australia. Aditya’s expertise and dedication led to his transfer to the Perth office in June 2021, where he now works as a Senior Mining Estimator.

As an estimator, Aditya loves that he gets to work on a variety of projects.

Every project is unique and has its own challenges, so it always keeps me interested.”

Aditya loves the Perth office for more than just work, it perfectly suits his active lifestyle. He enjoys running and cycling, and being able to ride or jog to work is a dream come true. Plus, the office has facilities like showers, bike hangers, and a gym to keep the team active, which he really values.

Of course, no job is without its hurdles. Aditya can sometimes find it challenging to accommodate different leaders’ ideas for tender submissions, especially when last-minute changes pop up. Sometimes it can feel like a race against time to overhaul the tender calculations and meet the deadline, but the determined Aditya always gets the job done.

Over the years, Aditya has seen Macmahon’s growth first-hand as the company has expanded its workforce both in Indonesia and Perth. When he joined in 2016, the Perth office car park was half-empty, and the Macmahon Jakarta office was a small team of just five people, including Aditya himself. Macmahon’s Jakarta office now has 21 people, while the Perth operations have close to 300.

Fairness and integrity in his leaders hold great value for Aditya. He appreciates the fact that he has always received excellent guidance and support from his leaders throughout his career at Macmahon.

Macmahon’s core values of United, Courage, Integrity, and Pride resonate with Aditya. But it’s the value of United—’Work together’—that really strikes a chord with him. As an estimator, he collaborates with colleagues from various departments, pooling their expertise to deliver stellar tender submissions.

“I love when people come together to review and provide constructive feedback on others’ work to solve complex problems,” he says.

Everyone is winning when we are working towards a common goal.”

During his downtime, Aditya cherishes spending time with his family, exploring parks, forests, beaches, and camping sites. His family is always up for an adventure, particularly when it involves trying new food.

“Australia is a melting pot of cultures, so my family loves trying different delicacies from all over the world,” he says.

So what’s next for Aditya’s career? After almost 12 years in surface mining operations, he’s ready for new challenges. With the right guidance and mentorship, he aims to expand his skills to work in Macmahon’s underground mining operations.

Aditya has some wise words for anyone considering a move to Macmahon.

Step out of your comfort zone and embrace your experience. We’re not starting from scratch, we bring valuable experience to the table,” he says.

“And remember, everyone makes mistakes; it’s the winners who learn from them.”