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Ezrom Greer
Production Supervisor

Ezrom Greer
Production Supervisor

Working FIFO for Ezrom Greer is what he knows, and it works for him and his family. However, eventually, he would like to see everyone on an even-time roster.

Ezrom Greer has been a miner since 2007. As a 21-year-old, he joined Macmahon as a Dump Truck Operator in 2018 after a few years of travelling overseas. With his experience, he quickly climbed the ranks, gaining experience operating CAT 793s, dozers, graders and large production diggers. By 2019, he was stepping up to fill in for leading hands during their absence. Fast forward to 2021, and he was performing supervision roles, which became a full-time position as Production Supervisor at the Telfer Gold Mine in WA.

“I have held all the leading hand positions working across the ROM and the Open Pit areas, then moving into the Production Shift Supervisor role.”

Macmahon has been great at recognising my knowledge and skill set after such a long time in mining. They have shown me what I can achieve and guided me on the journey.”

Ezrom loves leading and getting to know his large team and enjoys helping them achieve their goals.

Seeing people succeed and kick goals is a great feeling when you know you have been a part of that journey.”

As much as Ezrom loves his job, there are always challenges, including the sometimes difficult conversations that come with managing people you have come to know quite well, not to mention the harsh weather conditions of the summer heat and the pesky flies.

In saying that, Ezrom speaks so highly of the Telfer team and his strong relationships with each crew, the different departments and our client.

Over his five years at Macmahon, Ezrom has seen massive growth in pit operations and ROM production, along with a critical focus on prioritising safety standards and practices.

As a leader, Ezrom values his team and wants them involved with decision-making where appropriate. He likes to build individual relationships with team members to understand and work to their strengths.

“I personally value empathy and someone that will actually listen, so I demonstrate this behaviour to my direct reports and others in my team. My leadership style aligns with Macmahon’s values of United, Courage, Integrity and Pride. I want people to succeed and the team to work together and celebrate the wins.”

Ezrom says there are heaps of opportunities at Macmahon and recommends jumping in and showing your keenness and readiness to work. “Work ethic is all you need; everything else can be taught.”

What’s next for Ezrom? He’s keen to continue progressing through the leadership ranks and learn more about the mining operation. He’d like to get the opportunity to work overseas at some point, too and given Macmahon has sites in Southeast Asia, that’s a real possibility!

Outside of Macmahon, Ezrom enjoys spending time with his wife and their five kids, travelling when they can or watching the kids play AFL and basketball. You could also catch Ezrom chilling out at the beach with a beer in summer or on the golf course with his mates.