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Maryke Shipman
Production Supervisor

Maryke Shipman
Production Supervisor

Meet Maryke Shipman, Telfer’s Production Supervisor! She has been a part of the Macmahon team for an impressive 18 years, and her journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

After moving to Australia from South Africa, in 2005, Maryke began job-hunting right away. Macmahon was the very first company she interviewed with, and it felt like the perfect fit from day one.

After a successful interview, a job was offered to her in the Accounts Payable Department and from there her Macmahon adventure began.

After two years in the role, Markye then took on the Account Receivables role before working her way up the ladder to become the 2IC Senior Accounts Administrator.

But Maryke didn’t stop there. She didn’t shy away from taking on new challenges and responsibilities. In 2017, she transferred to the Tropicana site, where she flexed her skills as a Site Administrator before she joined Telfer as a Trainee DTO in 2018. Maryke quickly got the hang of operating dump trucks, water carts, and small front-end loaders.

From there, Maryke started training as a Relief Dispatcher and eventually landed a full-time gig in the role. And just recently, she accepted the exciting opportunity to become a Production Supervisor.

As a Production Supervisor, Maryke is responsible for overseeing the daily production crew and ensuring they hit their targets. With her impressive operating skills and expertise in Fleet Management Systems, she efficiently manages both her crew and the fleet.

Over her 18 years with the company, Maryke has had the privilege of meeting incredible people who have made a lasting impact on her journey. But it’s not just the people that make Macmahon special, it’s the support that Macmahon has offered along the way.

Macmahon has been very supportive in my career changes over the years and has given me incredible opportunities.”

As part of the Telfer crew, Maryke feels an incredible sense of support. Working alongside an amazing leadership team, she knows she’s in good hands.

I feel honoured to work for a company that takes diversity and equality seriously, alongside some great leaders who have shown me incredible support.”

While Maryke has experienced both office-based roles and FIFO positions at Macmahon, her preference is FIFO. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it suits Maryke. It gives her the chance to unwind, spend quality time with her dogs, and hang out with her friends.

Of course, no journey is without its challenges. For Maryke, the biggest hurdle to overcome in her new role will be people management, as well as mastering the technical side of mining and forward planning. But she’s up for the challenge and is ready to tackle it head-on.

As an emerging leader, Maryke has her own unique leadership style. She leads by example, encouraging her team to always strive to be the best they can be.

I have an open-door policy,” Maryke says. “I set clear expectations, hold regular discussions about our Macmahon Values and encourage people to speak up.”

Reflecting on her journey, Maryke shares a valuable lesson she’s learned: building a successful career takes hard work, long hours, patience, understanding, and determination. And her story is proof that with those qualities in your arsenal, the sky’s the limit.