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Emily Fussell
Commercial Analyst

Emily Fussell
Commercial Analyst

People come from all walks of life at Macmahon, and Emily Fussell is no different. Emily was officially admitted to the Supreme Court as a Lawyer in 2020. But after years of intense study, she wanted to spend time with her partner and enjoy life for a while.

Emily’s partner works on the same Macmahon site as her dad, sister and her sister’s partner. When an HSEQ Admin role became available in 2021, it piqued her interest. Emily took on a 2:2 swing, which coincided with her partner’s schedule, making it perfect for her break from law.

I originally took the role as a bit of a break from the legal space and to enjoy the lifestyle that mining has to offer. Now, I never want to leave mining!”

As a highly motivated person who isn’t afraid of hard work, as well as Macmahon’s support with career progression, it wasn’t long before Emily progressed into a Site Admin role. Two years later, she is now a Commercial Analyst at Telfer.

I love that my commercial career has incorporated my love for law and broadened my expertise to include financials in the commercial space.”

As a qualified Lawyer who is used to writing Word documents, Emily did not expect to be tapping away at an Excel spreadsheet – “Lawyers do not use Excel!” As anyone who has battled the program’s complicated cell formulas knows, it can be a struggle. But Emily is surprised by how much she learnt on the job. She’s now proudly proficient!

Emily loves working at Telfer. She finds the people incredibly friendly.

It’s the people who make a site great, and Telfer has the best.” says Emily. “There is so much support in the leadership team. Everyone has your back and makes you feel safe.”

Emily believes leadership goes beyond capability. You need to value respect, honesty and integrity. She likes that Macmahon has strong values and that her leaders’ behaviour aligns with them. The value of courage resonates with Emily the most.

You must have the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Macmahon is great for listening to that voice whilst providing support.”

Emily has created a lifestyle she loves at Macmahon, which is why she won’t be returning to the court anytime soon. The FIFO life is perfect because she can have extended R&R to go on adventures like camping, road trips and fishing.

Emily believes the “world is your oyster at Macmahon” and looks forward to advancing her skills in the commercial space while also focusing on the legal aspects of the mining industry. We’re so happy Emily has chosen to work with us!