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Graeme Smith
Operator, Telfer

Graeme Smith
Operator, Telfer

Graeme Smith was a plasterer up until February 2018 when he took on the prospect of shifting his career path. Following 33 years in the building industry, Graeme is now pursuing a new career as a Dump Truck Operator (DTO) at the Telfer Gold Mine. Working a 2:1 roster and joining a crew of experienced miners, life has certainly transformed for Graeme.
Macmahon Graeme Smith Operator for Telfer Gold mine project

Macmahon’s Green DTO program provides opportunities for individuals seeking to gain entry into the mining industry. Graeme’s family and friends suggested that this program may be something which he could take on and embrace.

Under the advice of Graeme’s cousin who currently works in the blast crew at the Tropicana site, Graeme registered for the program and awaited the call that would kick start his reformed career in mining.

“My family and some friends suggested that I might enjoy the comradery of working in a team, rather than the building industry where you do not remain with the same people for long” shared Graeme. “Now during shift change I enjoy socialising with many of the crew at the site tavern and I often go for walks with other colleagues around the site to stay healthy.”

From the initial assessment day, Graeme knew that working at Macmahon would be a beneficial fit for him due to the team values which are instilled in the company and the friendly HR team who made him feel welcome immediately. Graeme has thrived in his new environment, over a year later, Graeme has now trained to safely drive many of the haul trucks in Telfer. These include the CAT 789C, CAT 793C, D and F’s. Graeme also often operates water carts which assist in suppressing dust on site.

“I’m grateful to have the support of my fellow greenie DTO’s, the trainers and other experienced operators who have helped my transition to mining and gain my new skills as a competent DTO,” said Graeme.

“Mining has shown me how to work more closely with fellow employees and has exposed me to learning more about the many different personalities of others. I’m really enjoying the opportunity to work for Macmahon and getting to know the team of people in my crew.”

Since joining Macmahon, Graeme has become fully immersed into a new challenge which is not merely a career, however a fulfilling chance to interact with inspiring individuals who since have subsequently valued his likable and easy going nature.

While not on site, Graeme’s priority is spending as much quality time with his three children and wife as possible. He enjoys staying busy by employing his skills to help his family as well. Currently he is assisting his eldest daughter Jess in renovating her first home, teaching Aaron his son how to drive and his younger daughter Chloe is currently studying at university. Also in his free time, Graeme likes to enjoy nature and stay active by going on walks along the coast with his wife.