You are reading: Rahmayani Fitra Siregar
Drill QC Helper, Indonesia

Rahmayani Fitra Siregar
Drill QC Helper, Indonesia

Macmahon welcomed Rahmayani Fitra Siregar into the team to pursue her career as a Drill QC Helper in February of 2016.

Rahmayani joined the team straight out of high school at just 19 years old and is the youngest Drill Operator at Macmahon. She shared that many of her family and friends felt that she was too young to be working in a mine – however, she has now transformed their perspective through her growth and success.

“I enjoy working in the operational section that directly impacts productivity,” said Rahmayani.

Having pride in her work, and a willingness to learn has empowered Rahmayani to be completely trained in the safe and productive operation of the blast hole rigs, dipping holes QA/QC, changing consumables and many other stimulating projects. Rahmayani assists in increasing productivity of the mine daily, and her contribution certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

Reflecting on her career so far, Rahmayani is flourishing. She is consistently working on advancing her career, and being immersed in such a challenging environment has given her the opportunity to learn in new ways.

Rahmayani has expressed open gratitude to her mentor, Fernando Simatupang, and other senior co-workers who have provided her with a wealth of knowledge on the operation of drilling tools. Rahmayani looks forward to what the future at Macmahon holds for her.