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Justin Bosenberg
Tyre Fitter, Warrawoona

Justin Bosenberg
Tyre Fitter, Warrawoona

Justin Bosenberg started as a Trainee Tyre Fitter at Telfer in 2018. He was there for three years, then joined the crew at Northern Star’s Julius Gold Mine in May 2021. Justin joined Warrawoona Gold Mine in June 2022.

Justin is given the opportunity to work on more than just tyres, which keeps the job interesting. He helps with servicing and is licensed to operate cranes and other trade assistant jobs.

Justin likes Macmahon’s evolved company values, as he thinks they’re more personalised and relatable. He shared with us how he applies the values to his work.



At Warrawoona, Justin likes the tight-knit team. The crew always supports each other and stays united through adversity.


Justin is confident to speak up if something’s not right and feels comfortable saying if there is a more efficient or safer way to work.


Honesty, respect and accountability are life values for Justin, and he reaffirms these in his work.


Justin believes in taking pride in his work and always delivers his best.


Justin’s team have embraced the new values and refers to them daily, which is elevating the culture and driving high performance. Thanks for sharing, Justin!