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Luke Anderson
Leading Hand

Luke Anderson
Leading Hand

Luke has always been mechanically minded, so when his brother, an LV Mechanic, suggested he try heavy equipment mechanics, he went right ahead and never looked back!

Luke chose to complete his apprenticeship with Macmahon after hearing we offered the best support to up-and-coming mechanics. He finished his qualification in 2012 and moved into the components section in our Perth workshop in 2015, and learnt the ropes fast!

After eight years on the job, Luke certainly knows his way around an engine. The mechanic decided early on to focus on rebuilds, honing his ability and becoming more efficient with each passing day.

An engine build can take up to three weeks, so when it’s finally done, Luke takes pride in seeing the final outcome of his work. He likes to think, “I built a functional engine.”

This year, Luke was promoted to Leading Hand. “I now spend less time on the tools, organising trades and making sure the operations in the workshop run smoothly,” says Luke.

Luke works with a team of 20 great people in the Perth Workshop and finds the atmosphere warm and inclusive.

I love the people. We laugh every day. The supervisors are friendly and approachable and always available for help.”

Luke takes advantage of training and personal development opportunities at Macmahon and approaches his manager for new challenges to keep progressing.

A big part of Luke’s career progression was the sage advice and wisdom from mentor Loui Marevic, who has been at Macmahon for nearly 50 years!

Luke loves engines so much that you can even find him tinkering away on his 1964 XM Falcon and 1962 EJ Ute on his days off! He’s a big fan of old cars.

But it’s not all about cars, Luke also finds joy in spending time with his wife and two young kids. He loves that his job allows him to maintain a work-life balance and support his family.