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New repurposed life for Macmahon redundant office equipment

New repurposed life for Macmahon redundant office equipment

Macmahon’s Brisbane office identified a number of redundant office items which were destined for landfill including broken chairs, excess hole punchers and binding machines.
Macmahon Enviromental Sustainable Activity
Key Insight
  • Local not for profit, World’s Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS) was contacted and Macmahon’s redundant office equipment was given a second chance to be recycled and repurposed.
  • WBGS activate dormant goods for good by matching contributions from households and businesses to a new repurposed life at their circular economy precinct in Morningside, Victoria.

The efforts of WBGS promote sustainability, responsible consumerism and also provide employment opportunities for vulnerable members of the community.

Macmahon’s broken chairs were repaired in the WBGS workshop and are being resold in the WBGS warehouse store, hole punchers will be included in back to school packs for vulnerable children and the binding machines will be used to make books for special projects at WBGS.

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