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Nicole Martin
Graduate Mining Engineer

Nicole Martin
Graduate Mining Engineer

Congratulations to our new mining engineer graduate, Nicole Martin! Nicole graduated with a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Finance and was accepted into our competitive engineering graduate program.
Macmahon - Nicole Martin Graduate Mining Engineer

Macmahon appealed to Nicole because of our stance on innovation and the new technologies in our mine sites. The graduate program also offers an excellent opportunity to learn through mentorship.

I felt the graduate program would provide valuable insight and direction in these early stages of my career.”

Nicole is currently in the drill and blast team. She’s learning how to conduct initial quality assurance, place detonators and boosters, load the emulsion or heavy ANFO (blasting agent), and ensure that all detonators go off correctly.

How has Nicole found the experience so far?

Nicole appreciates the connections she’s been able to make with other graduates.

“The network has enhanced my experience, allowing me to form friendships and learn and share knowledge with others in the program,” says Nicole.

The mentorship was one of the main reasons Nicole joined Macmahon, and this aspect of the program has not disappointed. Many of Nicole’s team members, especially the blast 7’s, have been in the industry for a long time, providing invaluable knowledge in technical aspects of blasting.

“One of my mentors, Tropicana’s Engineering Superintendent Adam Doropulous, gave me one of the most valuable lessons so far – communication and adaptability are important attributes. I need to put myself out there and not be afraid to ask questions.”

“The graduate program rotations not only provide valuable exposure to the different areas of mining but also the skills we need to acquire a Quarry Managers Ticket, which is extremely beneficial in the long term,” says Nicole.

Like many of our graduates, Nicole is ambitious. Her long-term career goal is to get into Project Management. With her cross-disciplinary education and problem-solving ability, we think she would thrive in the role!

We encourage all graduates to develop a work-life balance. So what does Nicole do when she’s not learning new things at Macmahon?

“I’ve been getting into nature photography. I go on hikes and find new spots. I also enjoy going on food adventures with my friends,” says Nicole.

Are you interested in joining our graduate program? You don’t need a mining degree to register. We accept other engineering disciplines too! Register for our program.

Macmahon - Nicole Martin Graduate Mining Engineer