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Parliamentary Inquiry into Sexual Harassment

Parliamentary Inquiry into Sexual Harassment

Macmahon is absolutely committed to eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace.
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The Company sees the Inquiry into sexual harassment against women in the FIFO mining industry as a significant opportunity to identify issues and develop actions. Our priority is to improve the culture in the workplace so as to ensure the health, safety (including physical and psychosocial), and wellbeing of all workers in the mining industry, particularly women.

We reject any form of sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviour that threatens people’s personal and psychosocial safety in our workplace. We are keen to contribute to improvements across the industry to eradicate unacceptable behaviour, which is contrary to our values. Reports of workplace sexual harassment are very serious and unacceptable.

Macmahon recognises that more work can be done and is determined to improving standards across our operations. We have taken significant steps to address this issue and are committed to improving workplace practices.

Our leaders have pledged to do everything they can to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace and improve culture. We have introduce enhanced respectful workplace behaviour training, which has already yielded positive results – such as an increased incidence of bystanders stepping forward to call out inappropriate behaviour. We have also seen a greater uptake of female participation in our workforce.

Our strengthened reporting mechanisms and policies, as well as our broadened pre-employment background checks, help to create a team which comprises of people who are aligned with Company values.

We will continue the work underway to ensure that our workplaces are safe and inclusive for all. We will also continue to partner with our clients to ensure our workforce is protected from all forms of inappropriate behaviour.

Macmahon remains committed to actively engaging and participating fully in the Inquiry. We will consider the report and its recommendations in detail and will act on the recommendations, as necessary. Macmahon is confident that the recommendations will assist the industry in general to drive positive outcomes.

As an industry, and as a company, we will not rest until zero tolerance becomes zero incidents.

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