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Ronnie Daplin
HD Fitter, Tropicana

Ronnie Daplin
HD Fitter, Tropicana

In the mining and heavy-duty machinery industry, characterised by challenging landscapes, there exists a clear demonstration of steadfast dedication and sincere passion for the trade – Ronnie Daplin. For the past 12 years, Ronnie has been a proud member of the Macmahon family, marking a journey defined by resilience, growth, and an enduring passion for his work.
Ronnie Daplin, HD Fitter at Macmahon

Ronnie’s story with Macmahon began in June 2012 when he joined through a mature apprenticeship program. The early days saw him at Orebody 18, where he cut his teeth in the industry, mastering the intricacies of his trade. After a solid 16 months at Orebody 18, Ronnie embarked on a new chapter, transferring to the Tropicana Gold Mine in October 2013 to complete his apprenticeship, a journey he successfully concluded in late 2014.

What followed was a pivotal moment in Ronnie’s career – the decision to stay and continue his journey at Tropicana as a qualified HD Fitter. Now, with 11 years under his belt at Tropicana, Ronnie stands as a testament to an ideal blend of enthusiasm and a positive work environment.

When asked about the secret behind his long-term commitment, Ronnie highlighted several key factors that make Tropicana his ideal workplace. First and foremost, is the camaraderie Ronnie shares with his teammates. In the demanding world of heavy-duty fitting, teamwork isn’t just a necessity – it’s a way of life. The close-knit relationships Ronnie has cultivated over the years have become a source of strength, support, and shared wins.

Additionally, the unique climate of Tropicana plays a part in Ronnie’s job satisfaction. Situated 330km north-east of Kalgoorlie, the weather conditions favour Ronnie’s preference for a hot summer and mild winter.

Ronnie also gives credit to the management team at Tropicana. Their leadership, guidance, and commitment to fostering a positive work environment have created a culture that Ronnie values deeply. Feeling valued and supported by the management team has been a driving force behind his decision to remain at Tropicana.

Last but certainly not least, the camp at Tropicana has become a home away from home for Ronnie. The comfort, facilities, and sense of community within the camp contribute to an environment where Ronnie can focus on his work without distractions, allowing him to give his best every day.

With genuine happiness derived from working on the tools at Tropicana, Ronnie envisions many more years contributing to Macmahon’s success. His passion for his trade, coupled with the unique and supportive environment at Tropicana, solidifies his commitment to the company for years to come.

In Ronnie Daplin, we find not just an employee but a testament to the profound satisfaction that comes from finding the perfect place to work – a place where weather, camaraderie, management, and surroundings align, creating an environment to flourish. Here’s to Ronnie Daplin, a true embodiment of dedication and the continued success of his journey with Macmahon.