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DTO Trainee, Telfer

Shelley Dimer
DTO Trainee, Telfer

Shelley is a Yamatji Wongi woman from Kalgoorlie and the Pilbara. She is one of 20 in the latest cohort of trainees in the Macmahon Dump Truck Trainee program.

Most of Shelley’s family works in mining in one way or another, and this has inspired her to follow suit. Shelley is keen to get into the mining side of the business in an entry-level role.

This isn’t Shelley’s first time at Macmahon. She actually worked at Orebody 18 in an admin role many years ago. But Shelley had little confidence back then. Now in her late thirties, Shelley has gained life experience that has enabled her to believe in herself and is now ready to move forward to the next chapter of her working life.

Shelley passed the Dump Truck Trainee program assessment and was selected for the training academy. Recently, Shelley completed 10 days of classroom training, covering safety, site procedures and truck operation. Shelley even got to jump in a haul truck in our workshop to see what driving one would feel like.

Shelley has two teenage daughters and plans to work on her career while they attend Guildford Grammar boarding school. She wants to inspire them never to stop learning and to always believe in themselves.

Today, Shelley is in Perth’s workshop haul truck simulator. She’ll soon be heading to Telfer where she’ll be buddied up to ensure she settles into mining life well.

We want to ensure Shelley and our team are safe, so a trainer will accompany her until she’s confident and competent to operate the dump truck on her own. Shelley’s highly competitive, so we think she’ll be joining the leadership team in no time!