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Steve Eccles
Maintenance Superintendent

Steve Eccles
Maintenance Superintendent

Our Maintenance Superintendent, Steve Eccles, was recently awarded a 20 Years of Service Award!

Steve began his career in 2002 as a mature-aged apprentice. We offered him a FIFO position right off the bat at the Bluebird Goldmine near Meekatharra.

He must’ve loved the mining life because, over the next 20 years, he worked across underground, surface, and mining services. His experience, determination and loyalty landed him a Maintenance Superintendent position.

Steve now works with the raise bore operations, maintaining equipment safety, coordinating repairs and tending to breakdowns and maintenance on remote sites – integral to our operations and the safety of our staff.

There’s always a lot going on in mining services, although this often results in feeling like there needs to be more time. But Steve loves the variety and action-packed nature of his role at Macmahon.

There’s always something going on. Our drills are constantly moving around mine sites for different clients.”

Steve lives in Esperance and flies out to different sites. His roster varies from five days on, two days off, or ten days on and four days off, depending on what maintenance jobs he needs to complete.

With over two decades of experience, Steve leads by example so others can imitate the work ethic that has got him where he is today. He treats everyone with respect and fairness.

Congratulations, Steve, for 20 years of service!