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Chelsea McMutrie
Electrical Apprentice

Chelsea McMutrie
Electrical Apprentice

Our electrical apprentice, Chelsea McMutrie, knew she wanted to take on a trade before she finished high school, so she asked to do work experience at an electrical company. During the two-week experience period, Chelsea's mind was made up – she wanted to be an electrician.

Macmahon, known for its rigorous selection process, had 30 candidates vying for the coveted apprenticeship opportunity. In this fiercely competitive environment, Chelsea’s experience, genuine passion for the field, personal qualities, and values, coupled with her positive attitude, distinguished her from the rest. It was these distinctive attributes that ultimately ensured Chelsea successfully navigated the selection process and secured her position among the chosen few.

I was equally surprised and ecstatic to receive the phone call and chosen to for an apprenticeship.”

Starting a FIFO role is challenging for everyone, especially adjusting to a new working life. Chelsea works a 7/7 roster and enjoys having seven days to herself, but is still getting used to the work/life balance. Luckily, many of Chelsea’s friends have similar rosters, which makes it easier to plan catchups when they’re home.

A career in mining requires constant problem-solving, which is one of the reasons people are drawn to the job. But Chelsea is up for the challenge, finding solutions to every problem that comes her way.

I’m not as physically strong as my male colleagues, which means I have to find other ways to get the job done.”

Chelsea is already thinking about life after her apprenticeship and what she wants to achieve next. But she knows apprenticeships are about building a solid foundation of knowledge, and this is the time to immerse herself in the experience.

“My role has allowed me to obtain many tickets that other companies or industries wouldn’t supply,” says Chelsea. “I have most High-Risk Work Licences and work with many different types of equipment.”

All our employees have wisdom and experience to share, and Chelsea is no different. She has a message for women who are thinking about entering the workforce.

“Give it a go and believe that you can do it. The industry isn’t for everyone but you won’t know until you get out here and experience it for yourself.”