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Dean Williams
Training Supervisor

Dean Williams
Training Supervisor

When it comes to a supportive and family-friendly work environment, Macmahon hits the mark, and no one knows that better than Training Supervisor Dean Williams.

Before joining Macmahon, Dean ran his own concrete business and had a background in civil road construction and concreting. His journey with Macmahon began in 2011 when he worked alongside Macmahon employees dewatering for a project with the Kimberley Diamond Company (KDC).

While working in the Macmahon workshop, the project manager offered him a carton of beer as thanks for his work. But Dean had bigger plans – he asked for a Dump Truck Operator position with Macmahon instead, and the rest is history!

From there, he tackled various heavy machinery like loaders, dozers, and graders. As his career progressed, Dean found himself craving growth and new challenges, which led him to different projects, starting with KDC and Boddington, until he finally settled at Tropicana in May 2012.

Thanks to Macmahon’s support and the right training, Dean steadily ascended the ranks, eventually landing the role of Training Supervisor at the Tropicana Gold Mine.

When I started at Tropicana, I operated mainly the dozer and had a small stint as the Leading Hand and occasional relief supervisor. “I then moved into a MineStar trainer role after Macmahon put me through my Cert IV in Training and Assessing, which led to my current role as Training Supervisor.”

Dean’s a proud advocate for Tropicana and the incredible camaraderie within the company. He believes it’s the people who make a mine site great, and he loves the challenge of working to make Tropicana a better place for everyone, day by day.

In my role, I love spending time with people who are new to mining. They are so wide-eyed over the things I can take for granted after being in this industry for so long.”

As a leader, Dean understands the importance of setting a great example for his team. He values their autonomy and decision-making abilities, steering away from micromanagement.

I try not to micromanage my team as I like them to be able to make decisions for themselves.”

Dean has also achieved a fantastic work-life balance. After welcoming his baby daughter Lily, Dean’s growing family has benefited from Macmahon’s support and a rotating roster.

“At the moment, I work a variation on the 8&6 roster (4&3), so I’m home every weekend to see Mum and Bub.”

Dean’s wife, Del, has a strong claim to fame as the first person to drive a load of dirt out of the Tropicana Gold Mine. Del worked as a truck driver and did a relief spot in Mine Control before being promoted to a full-time controller role.

“We were offered a couples’ room at Tropicana which was amazing for us,” Dean said.

Dean wholeheartedly supports Macmahon as the go-to company for those who aspire to have a successful career in the resources industry while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.

If you want to work for a company that wants you to think for yourself and make good decisions, then it’s a great place.”